Fall is here…

…and so is a new track by From Grove! Just head into the Portfolio section and you’ll find our latest contribution to the world of video game music.


Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 14.20.06


Bowser wins!

It’s summer time and the people in the Grove are a bit sluggish from the constant heat we’ve experienced these days, which unfortunately affects the creation of new songs. Planned though is to publish at least one song this summer, so there’s still some good stuff to look forward to.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS is hot right now and we have spent too many hours this summer coming up with new combos and strategies to be the last one standing on the platform. Ganon, Zero Suit Samus, Ness, Lucina, and Robin are some of our favourites.

But no one beats Bowser.

Computer plague still rages!

My computer, my old and trustworthy (not) PC has died a pretty unspectacular death. After several re-installs and attempts to locate the problem I have decided to give up. No longer will I tolerate a new and exiting project being killed and devoured by that vile thing. Just before the last computer-total-breakdown/meltdown I made a homage to Castlevania with only Halion and Groove Agent as VST-instruments since my PC seemed to disagree with me installing Kontakt and any sample library. Maybe I’ll add that song to the portfolio at a later date (My computer couldn’t eat that one!).

I’m leaning towards getting an Imac, let’s hope it rains money / Mats


The Grove’s under attack!

Some Goombas have recently invaded From Grove, delaying our latest work from being published on the site. But stay cool – we’ve almost gotten rid of all the nasty little bastards and our computers should be up and running again shortly. So in a few days our next tracks will be available for listening!

Apart from the hardware issues, there’s been some serious Bloodborne and Zelda Wind Waker gaming in the Grove during the last month. Awesome games, both of them.



An old friend is back

I recently unpacked my old Nintendo 8-bit and plugged it in to my brand new LED-TV, but immediately realised something wasn’t quite right. Mario was a bit too sharp and angular than I remembered him. The high resolution of new TV’s are simply not fit for the old video game consoles.

So what to do? Well, there was only one solution – I took the car and drove a few kilometers to a small place outside Gothenburg and bought a 14″ CRT-TV! (Actually, I bought two in case one of them should’ve been broken. Or just as a spare one, since I think these rarities will be hard to lay hands on in the future).

So now there’s a shiny little “fat” TV standing next to my bed where I can enjoy the NES classics as they were ment to be – in superfine low resolution!
/ Josef@FromGrove


Games and songs

I bought a Ps4 this winter with the vanilla-ish goal to play GTA5 and Battlefield. Funny thing is that the game that got “the most hours out of me” was a little thing called Minecraft. I know, I’m late to the party, but man, this game! For any of you who missed out on this gem, this monumental, Swedish accomplishment, go to your nearest “internet” and download it.

FromGrove is currently working on two new songs. We are exited about these not just because they are “new” but also because the method of creating them is totally new for us. So stay tuned for more updates in the near future / Mats@FromGrove

Late November update

November is coming to an end and Super Smash Bros 3ds took us through some rainy days. What a game! Jigglypuff has been taking some serious scalps online and feels stronger than in the last iteration (brawl). Gaming aside, FromGrove has also been working hard on new songs. Please feel free to visit the portfolio and listen to the new song called “Night Driver”.