Fromgrove framsida test3From Grove and the Philosophy

The eighties, as every decade, had its share of technological and scientific progress and growing up in that time period meant witnessing the golden dawn of the home entertainment systems. Sure there were companies before them, but nonetheless, Nintendo and Sega made their big appearances and every kid that got their hands on either of the systems could count themselves lucky. We were two of those lucky kids and video games changed our lives in a profound way.

Back then, long before the word “gamer” was even invented, one would be considered somewhat of a nerd for spending so much time with a joypad. But the satisfaction and delight that video games brought us always overshadowed the brief, shallow sensations that being cool offered. Mario, Link, Samus, Alice, Opa-Opa, Snake and Donkey Kong amongst many others, are characters that filled our lives with playful fun, deep challenges and later on also the knowledge that with persistence and patience, even the mother brain could be beaten.

Being a musician and being a gamer are two different things, and coupling them doesn´t necessarily birth great video game soundtracks. We at From Grove like to think that one must be very passionate about both professions to provide the right setting for a successful merger. A great musician may know how to write music, but without deep understanding and love for video games he would surely struggle trying to translate to sound the feelings of an overweight italian plumber.

From Grove was born out of love for both music and video games and we aim to create music that strengthens the bond between player and game.