The portfolio of From Grove

Plot: Even though cable networks aired some animes when I grew up it wasn’t until much later that I really got hooked. A friend of mine told me about “ninjas who go on missions and improve their skills all the time” (Sundström. A, 2002). He was of course talking about Naruto. His description, in its simplicity, captured what the first part of Naruto is all about. This song, which I have chosen to call “Victorious Comeback”, is a shameless homage to Naruto and Toshio Masuda, whose glam rock soundtrack managed to capture Naruto’s vibe in a way that defined the series and made it what it is today. A big thanks to my dear friend Erik Zettervall for mixing this song and following me through the process of creation. Plot: Space….
Space could be explained as the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative positions and directions. But to many, space is the enormous body of emptiness that spans between the edges of the universe hosting countless of galaxies, and within them, countless solar systems. Maybe it is the unfathomable size and the knowledge of how little we really know about it that makes space the perfect canvas for imagination. In 1986, a man named Gunpei Yokoi (1941-1997), created one of the most intriguing interpretations of space and also one of the most iconic video game characters. Her name was Samus Aran, she was a bounty hunter. FromGrove proudly continuous giving homage to the games and series that made an impact on our lives. Enjoy.
Composer: Mats Frånberg Composer: Josef Israelsson
Plot: Safety, food and fresh water, the warmth of her old bed, familiar faces, smiles, these were things she dreamt of. But even here, in her sleepy dream world, the crackling sound from the campfire followed her and made sure she knew that she eventually had to wake up. But waking meant coldness, waking meant hunger, waking meant lonliness and waking meant trying to survive in a lost, new world. Plot: “A flattering calm portends a gathering storm, and when the stream glides smooth, deep and silent on, we justly suspect that the sea or some declivity is near and that it is soon to be lost in the vast ocean.”
The people of the charming little village are all giving the traditional Sunday market their very best; they’re haggling, gesticulating and arguing, but nevertheless in a very friendly atmosphere and most would rather pay a rupee extra than upsetting his neighbour.
But there’s something villainous watching. The Dreadful is lurking in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to devour the seemingly so idyllic life of the inhabitants. Slowly, the presence of evil is making itself known.
The village as they know it will never be the same again.
Composer: Mats Frånberg Composer: Josef Israelsson
Plot: A young boy, sadly plagued by sickness, sometimes needs to run away from the challenges brought on by his condition. In his imaginary world, Albert is a cat who loves spending time with  his grandparents. Sometimes at night, the cats in his kingdom join up to sing and out comes a beautiful melody. Plot: “A cold gloomy night in late September. Pablo Serva is driving his black Enzo towards the vast horizon, where a sprawling Los Angeles is lightening up the dark sky. There his final mission awaits.”
Add these ingredients to a dark melancholic drama pervaded by a man’s betrayal of his own family, and you’ll be served the scene the theme Night Driver is accompanying. When I was a kid, one of the first racing games I got the chance to play was Rad Racer for the NES. The game was brilliant for its time and I especially remembered how curious I got due to the fact that the game itself revealed so little about the story and left so much room for my own imagination. Why was I driving towards a city? Who was driving the car and why in such a rush? And most of all – what was going to happen when I finally reached the city? The theme Night Driver is kind of a remake of those feelings I had as a kid. So picture stage five in Rad Racer with polished graphics and a somewhat deeper and darker story, and you’re there behind the steering wheel.
Composer: Mats Frånberg Composer: Josef Israelsson
Plot: Lenny was big, shy, clumsy and bloated. Totally lacking motor skills and social talents he had become somewhat of a hermit, but this was about to change. After swallowing some pills purchased in a shady back alley, the new and confident Lenny was now heading towards one of the hottest nightclubs in town. His imagination ran wild, there would be thousands of girls there, surely hundreds waiting just to meet him and surely at least ten of them willing to turn a blind eye, or nose, to his lack of personal hygiene. This was his night and all he had to do was to conquer the dancefloor…. Plot: The intensive eye of the warrior, pierces right into the soul of his dreaded enemy.He takes a few deep breaths while his heartbeat is adapting to the state of battle. Louder. Closer. An approaching deadly blow and a moment of heat…With grace and sublime precision the warrior eliminates his opponent. Then, as the intensity decreases, he sits down to contemplate his victory. A soothening tune brings a moment of peace, but his distorted memories soon remind him that this is not the end.
So the warrior moves on. To bring back what once was taken from him.
Composer: Mats Frånberg Composer: Josef Israelsson
Plot: A funeral….
After grieving his murdered sensei only focus and vengeance remains in Samu-Rai’s heart, but to get his revenge he has to become so much stronger. Seemingly endless training awaits this young swordsman, but he climbs this mountain with great confidence and the purest of determination.
Plot: Join the hot headed and heroic protagonist Roderick in a quest for treasures and glory. An adventure few granted in a fantasy world filled with evil goblins, djinns and demons, building up to the final battle where Death himself gets whipped down to the dark underworld where he belongs.
Composer: Mats Frånberg Composer: Josef Israelsson
Plot: The world is doomed and sliced into pieces, but one small seed yields hope to humanity. Gazing out through a dusty window of the ruined house we found as a shelter, a tiny colorful flower is slowly growing between the cracks of a fallen town…
Composer: Josef Israelsson